Monday, 7 June 2010

Year 2 Day 250: Are YOU Looking At ME?!

I just couldn't resist using this photo today. It was taken this afternoon when Ryan and I were having our lunch. This time he had his usual cucumber with some sticks of celery to nibble. The expression you see was completely by chance when he was sucking on a celery stick and it's just priceless to me!

We've also been letting him try a bit of porridge. We pre-load the spoon and let him be the one to guide it to his mouth so he can be the one in control and to decide when he's full. He absolutely wolfs it down -- he LOVES the stuff! Of course it ends up everywhere since his own aim isn't quite refined (to say the least), but it's good for him to experience holding eating utensils and feeding himself.

The funniest bit was after the final bite...his eyes suddenly got a little sleepy looking and he almost had the "milk-coma" look. Matt and I decided the porridge must have suddenly hit like a brick and he was ready to be prepped for bed. So, I nursed just enough to give him a top-up and he was out like a light!

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