Friday, 11 June 2010

Year 2 Day 254: Just a Day, Just an Ordinary Day...

Ryan and I took a walk to the library today to return his books, however we didn't stay this time to check out any more. From there, since it is just at the bottom of our road, we took a further gander up Blackheath High Street where they are building the new library that will be finished around 2011. I can't wait since this one will be much bigger.

We carried on to the end, past all the shops and chippy's, so we could return via Rowley Village and along the way I spotted what looked to be a potential scrapbooking supplier. I'm not certain they carry scrapbooking materials, but on the sign it mentioned stationery and crafts so it is definitely worth a second look.

Once we arrived home again and unlocked the gate, we discovered Daddy waiting for us on the steps as he had not long returned home from work. As usual Ryan was quite excited to see him.

A short wander down in the garden revealed some newly budding flowers. The bluebells are nearly all gone, but there seems to be random new flowers blooming every other day. It makes me anxious to get my hanging basket up -- hopefully this weekend!

Nothing else of importance to note, really...just a relaxed start to our usual weekend, only this one includes the World Cup. Go USA and Go England!

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