Sunday, 13 June 2010

Year 2 Day 256: Play-By-Play

Setting the Scene: Usual Sunday at Em & Daz's. Everyone is sitting around the kitchen table and both little ones strapped securely into their high chairs. Everyone starts to pass the gravy around the table and usual dinner conversation commences.

Ryan is offered some cauliflower and broccoli which he proceeds to dump into his seat -- apparently wanting to skip a step in the digestion process and get it straight into his nappy. He also had a go on some runner beans and learned quickly where his limit is on how far back he can place food in his gob. Luckily a baby's gag reflex isn't as far back as an adult's so they are less likely to actually choke on something before they begin to gag a bit to safely get the food back out of their mouth. It moves back further the older they get, but it's almost like a defense mechanism -- so if watched closely, one would be confident that they will bring the food back up and out of their mouths.

This is where Auntie Emma offers Ryan his first yogurt (pronounced Yo-girt, if you're American...and Yah-gurt, if you're British and/or don't want Daz to jokingly tell you to get out of his house).

It's fruity yogurt in a tube called a Frube. Ryan's was flavoured cherry.

Mommy pre-loads the spoon and off he went! That yogurt didn't stand a chance!!

He even pauses for a little grin to display his happiness and satisfaction with said yogurt.

::tenses body and shakes fists::

"Mommy, don't you tease me with that yogurt...get it on the spoon already!"

Needless to say, I think we can include Cherry flavoured Frube onto Ryan's list of 'I Likey' foods.

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