Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Year 2 Day 245: Nan & Grandad All to Himself

Every week we visit Matt's parents so they get the chance to see Ryan on a regular basis. Some weeks they will come to us and some we go to theirs. It's so fun for me watching Josie & David have a bit of a munch -- especially now that he's getting older and interacting more.

He really enjoys testing the strength in his Nan's arms by insisting on standing and bouncing on her lap. If there were audio attached to this pic, I believe this is where there was a bit of laughter on Ryan's end.

With Grandad it's more of the same -- he wants to be on his feet and/or bouncing. Lord help us all when he's completely mobile!

He's also very keen on Grandad's voice, much like he is with Daddy's. When these two speak, Ryan is definitely at full attention just staring at them in awe or grinning ear-to-ear.

We're really lucky that we're still close enough in proximity that we can visit as often as we do. All being well, we hope to someday visit the rest of the family in America who have yet to completely fall head over heels for this little mite's charm.

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