Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Year 2 Day 252: Drip, Drop, Drip...

This essentially sums up the day. It has been cold, damp and SO foggy outside and has therefore left me feeling like all I want to do is curl up with little man in a blanket and nap. In fact, that's what he and I did early this morning shortly after Matt left for work. Ryan had been up shortly after Matt came to bed around 2am and then again at I gave in and came downstairs since he wouldn't go back to sleep. So when Matt left, we headed upstairs and I positioned the pillows so he couldn't roll off. I nursed for a bit and we both had a bit of kip -- although not as much as I would have liked because shortly after I dozed off  I was woken by tiny hands grabbing my nose and mouth.

So much for THAT idea.

The final series of Big Brother was on tonight. (Take the house tour) Supposedly Channel 4 is dropping it after this, but there have been rumours that another network might pick it up. I'm a bit sad because I've enjoyed watching it every year. It's much different than the US version and I really prefer the UK one overall. So far from the lineup, however, I'm not sure it will be as interesting as it has in the past. I still say that my favourite was BB7 with Nikki and Glyn. That was the first one ever that I saw when I came to see Matt in England for the first time in the summer of 2006. That got me hooked.

Anyway, we shall see...

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