Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Year 2 Day 251: Nom, Nom, Nom

I took a small walk this afternoon to Tesco Express with Ryan in the Moby. He slept all the way there and most of the wander around the shop until I was at the till to pay. I decided to grab some more bananas since he likes those so much, and I also grabbed a small snack-sized tub of pineapple chunks. The only other fruit he has had up to this point is banana, so I was curious how he would handle something so tangy.

Initially he found it a bit tough to pick up since it was so slippery. When all else failed and he couldn't lift it to his mouth, he would just lower his face to the tray of the Bumbo and suck it to his lips from there!

I'm not sure how much he actually ingested, but he absolutely loved the juice. I just can't resist having the camera handy to catch these moments!

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