Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Year 2 Day 259: Who's Cheeky?

This was taken when Ryan and I took a little breather in the park from our long walk down to Blackheath High Street. I wanted to check out a craft shop in hopes of finding scrap-booking goods, but I was let down. They didn't have really any scrap-booking materials and the shop in general was a bit chaotic. I could barely get the pushchair in the entire place -- it was smaller than Ryan's room! I fear this will be the case with any quest I have for scrap-booking stuff other than rip-you-off Hobby Craft.

I also took a gander inside the Hallmark store in hopes something would jump out and shout "buy me!" for Matt's Father's Day gift from Ryan. I literally walked in and down one side of the two aisles and had to stop 3 steps later because of a set of steps that led to the back of the shop. Nice. Convenient too. I pushed Ryan back out the door and the shop assistant didn't even speak a word to 'have a nice day,' just nothing.

It was this point that I gave up and just headed back home. Of course we made a stop through the park so I could get a little more sun, and I was fully prepared to whip out a blanket so Ryan and I could have a little lie in the grass. I reconsidered, however, when I thought about the probability of dog poo being less likely in my own back off we went. Still, it didn't save me from having to dodge it on the pavement.

Dear Dog Owners,


We got back to the cottage and as we walked down the drive toward our gate, I noticed the gardener was there to mow the lawn. I waved to him and decided right then I really should learn his name so I don't have to refer to him as 'the gardener' all the time. For now I will call him...Ralph. Unless anyone has any better suggestions?

Ryan was seriously sleepy once we returned and we didn't even make it up the steps once I pulled him from the pushchair, before he was sound asleep on my shoulder. I immediately removed his shoes and drew the curtains in the front room before placing him in the Moses basket. The little mite was well tuckered after his long walk in the fresh air with me...even if I did all the walking. He was resting SO well and then Myst the jerk face just HAD to bolt into the room chasing a fly and meowing at the top of his lungs.

So much for that nap!

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