Sunday, 31 January 2010

Year 2 Day 123: Tummy Time

During today's tummy time, Ryan gave the most bewildered look, almost like he forgot who I was for a moment. He has really good head-control and this has been the case from birth. When he is on his tummy he can turn his head from side to side, which is how he sleeps on his mat for catnaps in the evening. I think by the time this photo was taken, however, he was about to be fed up with tummy time for that session. Mommy had to come to the rescue and scoop him up.

In other news, he finally had his first proper "awake" smile shortly after midnight last night. I just happened to have my phone recording at the time, so enjoy a little video!!


Smocha said...

aww. he's so adorable :)

Meg said...

Thank you.

And you can be sure that all he's thinkin is, "woman...put that camera down and FEED ME!"

Knithappens said...

hahahah this pic just made me snort laughing, he looks so fed up bless him. Lillia hated tummy time, i felt like i was tortuing her, but she loes it now, i remember faces like this so well x

Christine said...

Precious! xx