Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Year 2 Day 98: I Can Has Drumsticks?

To be fair, the cat never does this to our food. Matt had literally just shared with me that he was full and planning on chucking his final drumstick. Clearly, Myst didn't want to waste any he went in for the kill. I just happened to have the camera nearby and quickly snapped this photo before nearly wetting myself. What the camera didn't catch were the looks Myst was giving to Matt just before reaching onto his plate. He was trying to gauge the likelihood of Matt telling him off.

Wouldn't you know that once the drumstick was given to dear kitty, he turned his nose up and left it. Oh well, his loss.


Christine said...

Gallagher would be going for that knife! He is obsessed with knives on our plate he is always batting at it and trying to get it. I will never forget this once that Andy and I were sitting in the living room back in Illinois and we saw Gallagher running across the living room and he had a knife in his mouth!! The handle was in his mouth and he was just running. Crazy cat!! lol :)

The New Mrs. C said...

I LOVE this! :)