Saturday, 2 January 2010

Year 2 Day 94: Look What I Can Do!

Awe, bless!! I made Matt grab the camera for this one. From the day he was born we have all been pretty impressed with our little man's strength. Well today has been a very sleepy day for us all, and naturally I'm still recovering a bit from the operation, so it's not unusual that I'm sleeping like a baby as much as my own little infant. This photo is when he had a sudden burst of energy and was instantly curious about all that was around him. It didn't take long to notice that he was holding up his own head pretty steadily. It wasn't wobbly at all! He was holding it up and turning his head and looking all around. So I shouted for Matt to get a photo and I did my best to encourage Ryan to keep his little head up.

It made me such a proud mama!

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