Sunday, 17 January 2010

Year 2 Day 109: Cuddle Time

This is Ryan's preferred comfy spot -- on his belly on Mommy. He would much rather be here than napping comfortably in his vibrating bouncy chair. This is the prime reason why I am desperate for a wrap, because I can't otherwise get anything done during the day while holding him against me with one arm.

I've gotten some comments about how this is "spoiling" him and how I need to "get him out of this habit," but to be fair, you can't spoil with meeting basic needs -- love and affection, and an infant this young has not had enough brain development to comprehend the art of manipulation. He is still only getting used to the concept that he is no longer a part of me (inside) where it is dark, warm and secure. Now he's out of the only environment he has ever known and in a place where it is instead bright, cold, and loud which often leads them to feeling insecure. It's a stage of development in vs. mistrust and attending to him quickly in this way will only teach him to trust his needs will be met.

His cries to be cuddled are only because he needs the security and it will in turn teach him that he doesn't need to cry for attention. It will make him a more self-reliant child in the long run and to be honest, I'm going to soak up every moment I can while he still wants me to cuddle him and be close. I know too well that some day he will be begging me to drop him off around the corner because heaven forbid his friends see him with his "un-cool" mom.


Erin said...

I've got a ring sling/wrap you can have if you'd like. . . let me know!

Brianne said...

I know I don't have to tell you this, because I know you are well aware, but disregard anyone's "positive parenting" comments. You are Ryan's mum, therefore you do what you feel is best in raising him. xx

Knithappens said...

your right, he cries because he needs something, I have never left mine to cry it out, this time is so so precious, enjoy every cuddle and every moment, and i swear by a wrap, i have 2 and one for swimming too, she loves them and i can get so much done at the same time, now she is older i can face her outwards and she can see the world, and mummy is riht there with her.Beleive me it wont be long until they are indepentant young people (eldest is 14 next week) but it is the love you show them now that gets them to that point, turns them into secure and confident individuals - so enjoy while you can

Anonymous said...

They did not have these slings back in the olden days . They did have baby backpacks and those were pretty primative.

This is the time of your life when you could be happiest with nothing. They really DO grow up soo fast.

Enjoy every second of his babyhood :))