Thursday, 28 January 2010

Year 2 Day 120: Trifecta

Today's blog had a three-way tie on photos, hence the title. We had a pretty busy day in terms of active time. This week I have been trying to do set daily tasks with Ryan to make sure that he is actively engaged during the times he is awake and alert. I keep Baby First on the telly in the background, mostly for the music, and from time to time we will join in on the gym segments to work on mobility and stretches or sing along to the songs.

I've also been trying to help him explore more of his play mat. This is his elephant rattle we often use to distract him from crying during nappy changes. Otherwise it's absolute chaos and near impossible to get him changed quickly and efficiently.

The third and final photo for this post is brought to you by Sleep Sheep from Jen and the Beatrix Potter baby positioner from Christine. Naturally deep sleep would follow such a rigorous day.

At his last health visit this past Tuesday they suggested his reluctance to sleep on his back at night might be due to reflux. They recommended to try propping him onto his side at night to see if he would sleep any better. I tried this during his 4 o'clock nap and was so successful in him sleeping through that I had to be the one to wake him up. In fact, during the waking process he gave me a not-so-friendly gesture, but rather than posting that photo on here (as it may offend) I have left it on my Facebook. However, here is the link (open to anyone) in case you'd fancy a little peek. I'm not sure if I should be proud or mortified about it, but I'm sure it's only because he can't yet find the words to communicate what he's really thinking or what he wants to say.

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