Monday, 1 February 2010

Year 2 Day 124: Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Ryan has nearly mastered the NAPPING in his moses basket on his to get him to sleep OVERNIGHT in it. Here he is during his second nap of the afternoon. I opened the blinds and pulled back his blanket so he would wake "naturally" but he was having none of it and tightened his little body into a ball.

He managed to stretch his 2.5 hour nap a further 30 minutes and even then kept dozing back off during his feed. I guess I shouldn't be surprised as he is likely having a growth spurt again. I'm anxious to see what his weight gain is for the week.

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Christine said...

I am SO glad that positioner works so well for Ryan. I honestly had just saw one in a shop and thought I would have a go at it for you and it turns out to be very useful. :) YAY! :)