Monday, 11 January 2010

Year 2 Day 103: Don't Wake the Dragon

This is a common look for Ryan after a good feed -- minus the pacifier, of course. We mainly use that during nappy changes and to console him when we can't easily pick him up. In this case, it was used as a backup so I could eat my tea.

We finally purchased some batteries tonight for his "bouncy" chair. It has a vibrating and sound feature on it and we've been anxious to see if they make the chair more appealing to our little one. He could be in a dead-sleep and when he is placed in the chair, his eyes "PING" open within minutes and he wants to be held.

There was a minor setback when the batteries were installed. I switched the power button on and out came THE LOUDEST most UNsoothing rattle. Matt "the handyman" quickly sorted that, however, with a few bits of folded card behind the motor. Now, Ryan sits in his special vibrating chair and it's purring like a kitten.

Although it worked for a good twenty minutes this time, he still wants to be held.


Christine said...

He has Angelina Jolie lips! :)

Meg said...

Or his mommy's. Same I had as a baby, hehe.