Sunday, 10 January 2010

Year 2 Day 102: Mommy's Ears?

When a new baby is born, it is a given that people are going to go down the list of features and which parent they take after the most in each department. With us, Ryan has Matt's hair, eyes, fingernails and toes...and he has my nose, chin and mouth.

Matt just noticed our little man's ears today and he sweetly points out to me, "Looks like he has mommy's ears." Of course I'm thinking, how can he possibly tell that he has my ears? Then he goes on to point out that his own don't have a little bit that hangs down and mine do. The bottoms of Matt's lobes seem to attach right into his head and mine very prominently have a bit that hangs down.

Not in a circus/freak-show kind of way though.

So it's all I could look at for the rest of the day...his little ears. It made me smile that they're like mine and how many bits of each of us are shared in this one, perfect, adorable little person.

Now off to feed a little piranha...because he most certainly has daddy's hollow legs and never-ending appetite!

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Susan said...

this is because freely hanging earlobes are a dominant trait :)

and yes, I did look this up on wikepedia