Saturday, 16 January 2010

Year 2 Day 108: He's Official!

Yep! Ryan is OFFICIALLY official!! Matt and I went to Priory Hall this morning to register his birth. In the UK you must have it done within a certain time frame...just less than 6 weeks, I believe, and since he is a month old today, we thought it would be time.

I found it interesting that also, in the UK, the weight, length and time of birth is not mentioned anywhere on the birth certificate. Also, you get two birth certificates here. A "long" version and a "short" version. The short has less information, just the person's name, date and district they were born. We also learned that they technically are not proof of identity despite many places of employment requesting them as such before they're willing to consider employing you.


Anyway, can't believe we have had little man with us for a month now!

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