Monday, 18 January 2010

Year 2 Day 110: Ridin' Along in My Automobile

Ryan and I took his Jeep off-roading today. We went on a walk to MotherCare down by Merry Hill. It's only about 1.5 miles and it took us just less than 45 minutes. I made the executive decision to walk along the canal past the mall because it was paved...well, it WAS paved...until a certain point and then it turned into a flat dirt path (which was muddied by the rain and melting snow).

I thought nothing of it until I arrived at MotherCare with dirt-caked wheels on the pushchair. I felt bad to go into the store tracking my mud everywhere, so I quickly wiped them down with some baby wipes. Not car-wash style or anything, but enough so that I didn't get any looks walking through the store.

They didn't end up having what I wanted, so I walked out having purchased a 6-pack of newborn socks and some baby nail clippers. Then I headed down into the mall to Argos for a baby carrier that was on sale for £9.99...but they didn't have it. Boo, Argos!

So, I called dear hubby to pick us up since it was dark.

The End.

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