Sunday, 29 November 2009

Year 2 Day 60: O' Christmas Tree

Behold -- the beauty! Hubby finally caved and we picked up the tree that his parents had saved for us from last year. It's definitely an upgrade from our first tree. At first he tried to convince me it was bad luck to put it up before the 15th, but I reminded him we usually put it up just after Thanksgiving in the US. Plus, I wanted to have it sorted before bunny gets here because I may not be much in the mood to work on it in the next 12 days. Then, after I dared to suggest I could just move the sofas on my own while he was at work tomorrow he decided we could quickly reposition them tonight to make room.

It was pretty quick to assemble, but the instructions didn't make much sense logically as it suggested you fold out all the branches with the tree in the base BEFORE plugging the power source into the base (located UNDERNEATH the base bottom) which would require one to tip the tree sideways. Matt wasn't keen to watch me attempt this so he had to lift the tree while I squirmed quickly under it to plug in the lead.

The only thing that could have made it a bit better would have been some Christmas music to sing along to. Maybe I can find a station to play on my G1 when I add some decorations later this week. Now I just need to get some cinnamon and applesauce tomorrow to start on my smell-good ornaments.

Eeek! I can't wait!


even eve said...

pretty, the trees lighting reminds me of Coralines star sweater in "Coraline"

Smocha said...

Looks beautiful!

Christine said...

Beautiful Meg!!!! Doesn't Myst bother it? My cats hate.. or should I say they love when we put up a tree which is why we never really put one up. It is always falling over from them crawling up in it. haha