Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Year 2 Day 41: Covert Operation

Today was a huge day in the world of Xbox as a new game was released -- Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2. Matt has had it on pre-order from GAME at Merry Hill since just before the summer and has been counting down the days until it would be in his hands. Because I have had such little supply work since the start of Autumn term, we knew he would likely have to wait until the end of this week to get his copy when I was paid.

Fortunately for him, Emma and I made some alternate arrangements during our visit at theirs on Sunday. Em offered to lend the money to get the game to surprise him so he wouldn't have to be tortured by seeing everyone else on Xbox playing and think he had to wait until the weekend.

So with everything in place, I took Matt to work this morning at 8am and headed to Em's straightaway. We had learned last night that Asda had the game for £32.99, which was a much better deal than the £55 we were planning for the 'Special Edition' he had on pre-order. I realised the Special Edition came with the original game, and likely in some special bedazzled collector's box, but you can't really argue with a savings of over £20. However, when I got to Em's, she informs me that Daz had just let her know that Morrisons had the game on special for only £25.99 -- nearly a £30 savings!!

It was official -- our plan was in motion. Morrisons it was!

Shortly after 9am, before we had even a chance to get the baby in her car seat, my mobile rings with an unknown number. I answer and it's Matt calling from a fellow co-worker's phone (as he had no credit). He wanted me to check the balance on my credit card and ring him back because he just saw in the paper that Morrisons had the game for really cheap. He was oblivious to the fact that I was even AT Emma's and preparing to head to Morrisons already. I had to think quick and play dumb, so I told him I wasn't home yet but would check when I got there and let him know. Shortly after that, I sent a quick text with a story that the website was down for maintenance and since it was on Pacific time (US) I wouldn't be able to access it until mid-day our time.

Thinking we stalled him for enough time, Em and I packed up the car -- baby and all -- and set out on our mission. When we got to Morrisons we utilized the Parent & Toddler parking (hence the photo) for quick access and convenience and walked quickly to the tiny gaming section in the store. We spotted the game, but only for PlayStation. CRAP! Immediately I started searching Google on my G1 for the next closest Morrisons store and Em thought enough to ask an employee there if they had any copies left. To our surprise they DID, but they were at the checkouts rather than on the shelf to keep people from stealing them or causing fights with customers.

Em handed me the cash to buy Matt's copy and she was able to get not only a copy for Daz, but his dad, Mick, as well. Lucky day...lucky men!

Quite chuffed with our efforts, we left Morrisons and headed back to Emma's beaming at our craftiness and success to obtain not just one or two, but THREE copies in only ONE stop! Surely this would please a certain husband who wasn't even expecting the game until the weekend.

Speaking of which, shortly after arriving back at Emma's at about half-ten I get a text off one of Matt's mates saying he had been talking to him on Facebook and asking if I could ring him since he didn't have any credit. Knowing what it was about, I braced myself to give dear hubby a call, but he beat me to it! My phone rings again, this time saying the call is coming from OUR HOUSE. I answer and it's him with the explanation that he has the work's lorry and is being sent for a delivery in Birmingham, so he decided to stop home since I had sent a text rather than ring him and he needed to speak to me.

Suffice it to say this typically calm and collected man was near hysterics and wondering why I wasn't home. Apparently one of the guys at work had been to Morrisons earlier that morning to learn that they were sold out of the game and reported this back to Matt. That's funny, because we just managed three copies, one of which was anxiously awaiting discovery in the glove box of my car -- but he didn't know that, nor was he going to until I picked him up that evening. Matt insisted that I ring Emma right away to let her know and see if she hadn't gotten a copy for Daz already, that she would see if she could spare the extra £25 and get him a copy as well because this would surely mean he wouldn't be able to get it otherwise by that cheaper price by Friday since they were going like hotcakes.

It was all I could do at this point to keep a straight face, but I had to keep up the facade.

I had to fess up by this time that I was actually AT Emma's, which is why he didn't find me at home, but carried on with the story that it was only so I could give her and the baby a lift to Josie & David's and that I was going to join them for a visit as well. I put Emma on the phone to keep myself from letting the cat out of the bag and Em tried to reassure Matt that she would see what she could do, but wasn't making any promises.

Satisfied that he was now sufficiently occupied with a task for work, despite his sheer determination and focus today on getting this game, Em and I take my niece and have a relaxing few hours and a bite to eat at my in-laws'. We share the story up to this point with Josie & David which then increases the number of people who can share in our banter about the hilarity of the days' events. When we return to Em's by 3:30pm I decide to give Matt a ring to see how he's getting on at work and see if they are having him do the post that night (which would mean he would be leaving thirty minutes early). I entice him with the story that although we weren't able to get him a copy, we called another store that was willing to hold it for us, but that I would need his guidance to get to the store. He quickly checks and confirms he can leave early if he does the post, so I headed straight there to pick him up.

Within 20 minutes I am pulling onto the drive of his place of employment and shortly after he's getting into the car. I can barely contain my excitement for him and just as he instructs me onward to get the show on the road and get his game, I ask him to check and make sure my phone is in the glove box with the cash from Emma. Mindlessly he pops the glove box open to see Modern Warfare 2 staring back at him as I try my best to stare straight ahead.

The grin on his face told me I won't be seeing much of him for the next few days as he needs his full attention to break this new game in, of course. I am well aware at this point as well that for the next 72 hours our house will sound like that of a war-zone.

To all the significant others of big time gamers out there (specifically of the Call of Duty persuasion)...my deepest condolences.


Natalie said...

Don't know if it will impress your hubby or not, but I currently work for the creator of "Medal of Honor". :) My bros think it's awesome, haha.

Meg said...

I think he's played that before as well. He grinned when I told him just.