Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Year 2 Day 56: You Can Ring My Bell

No, seriously, you CAN. What I mean is, you can NOW. You see, when we moved in, the battery was missing from this little buddy so it clearly didn't work. Simple solution, right? Matt and I purchased the correct battery...aaand...nothin. STILL didn't work. We couldn't even figure out where the sound would be coming from since it all appeared to be a wireless setup and the only part we could locate was the one you see in the photo above.

Until today.

It started when I was increasing the proportion of carpet visibility in our bedroom by clearing off my mountain of clothes to do some washing. I noticed the following just lying alone and unplugged under the heater...

At first I had no idea it was even related to the doorbell outside. In fact, if you would have walked into the bedroom upon the time of my discovery, you would have seen a very belly-heavy, pregnant me, squatting at the side of the bed, all grubby and in my PJs, and holding it to my nose (as you would expect from a cave woman) to see if I could pick up any residual fragrance and then subsequently inspecting it closely to see where the replacement air-freshening cartridge went. Being that it WASN'T in the family of Glade Plug-ins however, that would explain why my investigation did not uncover what I suspected. Then, I noticed the numbers 1-4 on the back above the plug prongs with a sliding switch.

Hmm, I wonder...

I immediately brought it downstairs and plugged it into one of the kitchen outlets. Then I quickly (actual speed is open to to your own interpretation) pranced over to the front door, opened it, and reached around the outside to press the button.


I returned to my discovery again, checked that it was plugged in completely, and then realised I hadn't switched the plug to 'ON' (as you have to do to power outlets here in the UK...FYI). So I went back to the doorbell and pressed the button again.


Hark! Is that the doorbell I hear?

People...we've only lived here nearly FIVE MONTHS and it has taken THIS LONG to figure it out?!

I've since dubbed myself a genius for the day for I can not only create fire with my handy opposable thumbs...but music as well! Muah ahh ahhh!

All I can say now is that we will (hopefully) never miss an attempted parcel delivery from Royal Mail again -- well, not if we are home anyway. But in the meantime...come on over for a cuppa...and ring our bell!


Kim said...

But was DID it smell like?? :-D

Meg said...

Dust? Hehe. I don't know really...maybe plastic.

Not a plug-in. :-P

Christine said...

HAHAHAHA I have been wanting to buy one of these forever for the same reason. I *HATE* it when I miss a parcel because I could not hear the knock! I even blame it on them not knocking... I wonder if they will bother to ring a doorbell. I must go find one. I like that you can plug it in and take it with you into different rooms if needed. Very nice! :)

Smocha said...

Hubbys been in this flat for over a year and we still can't find our doorbell thingy. Go you!!
Atleast NOW I know what I should be looking for. lol