Friday, 20 November 2009

Year 2 Day 51: Some Kind of Therapy...

...Is what Myst needs. He goes through withdrawal all day while Matt is at work. I try to help by opening the door to the conservatory so he can go sit in "daddy's" chair. But look at him...all forlorn...just staring out the rain-soaked the neighbour's fence. We've even noticed the past week or so that he has been scratching patches into his fur around his ears. This baffles us because he's an indoor only cat, so it can't be fleas or anything. Although we're wondering if it's dander from the previous homeowners' cat. Either way, it looks like some Front-line is in order so he doesn't end up all scabby.

New Moon has been postponed until Sunday, so fair warning to anyone who sees it before then...keep tight-lipped about it, please.

Wasn't feeling up to work today since my hips felt as though they were being pulled apart this morning -- a wonderful side-effect of this late-stage of pregnancy. Wouldn't you know the moment I send Matt off with the car on his own to work, I get a phone call about not one, but TWO possible schools who needed a teacher today. One was even described to me as an "easy" day as a teaching assistant, but as soon as I learned I would only be paid £60 (HALF my normal rate) I shot that down immediately. Not worth it for how I was feeling.

We'll see how next week goes, but I have assured Matt, who would rather me stay home from this point forward, that I will play it by ear and try to squeeze in one more day or two if I am able. I can't help myself really though...I'm not good at just sitting at home when I know I could be earning a bit more.

Still, won't complain about the weekend being here. Enjoying my quiet/free time while I still can.

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