Sunday, 8 November 2009

Year 2 Day 39: Tour De...Maternity

Technically I have been on this maternity ward before -- when my sister-in-law gave birth back at the end of July. Still, about 6 weeks or so ago I scheduled a proper 'tour' of the maternity unit as suggested by my midwife. The only available time was 9:45am on a Sunday...yeah, a SUNDAY, PEOPLE!!! Imagine Matt's surprise, shortly after midnight Saturday going INTO Sunday, when I realised I had booked said tour. At first we thought 'no point, we'll just forget it and sleep-in' but then I had second thoughts that I may regret NOT going, so I high-tailed it upstairs, set an alarm and went to bed.

The tour was short and sweet and showed us the basic layout of the high-risk and low-risk sections. We were shown to a simple labouring room which was surprisingly much bigger than I expected. The nurse giving the tour shared lots of information about how long to expect to stay depending on the type of birth and what things we should pack in our hospital bags, etc. There seemed to be many options as well in terms of how things could all "go down." (I'll spare my readers at this point the details of the pool and benefits of the special birthing stool -- so, you're welcome.)

A bit off topic and random to the blog, but...when we left and headed back to the car after the tour, Matt made a joke about the double-red lines in reference to that un-named incident back in September. He said he wondered what the difference between double-reds and double-yellows was. I told him I suspected that double-reds meant they were punishible by death rather than PCN.

However, we won't be testing this theory anytime soon.