Friday, 13 November 2009

Year 2 Day 44: Pleasure Reading

You know you've made a step further into the land of "I'm a Grown-up" when you pick up a copy of a 'grown-up' newspaper or magazine, such as The Times Educational Supplement. I always see it on the newsstands in the store and have been curious for a while now about the content, so tonight while picking up some pizzas at Asda, I plonked down a whopping £1.50 so I could have a little gander. This was something that caught my eye straightaway inside the TES magazine and I couldn't resist sharing.

You're welcome.

No calls for work today, but it was probably just as well since I may have overdone it a bit yesterday. I was having difficulty even walking and there was no chance of finding a comfortable sitting position -- so I resorted to alternating lying on each side for 15 minute increments with a pillow between my knees to level out the pressure in my hips.

I don't think I have had a whole lot worth complaining about throughout this pregnancy, but in this final (and tentative) 27-day stretch, I'm finding it to be a challenge remaining upright, not to mention the acid-reflux seems to be back with a vengeance since bunny can't seem to dislodge his bum from my ribs. I swear to Matt all the time that they're bruised. I guess the bright side to my day's inactivity is that I could feel baby rolling around more, so as long as he's still healthy and active, then I think I can manage.

In the meantime...rain and gale-force winds in the forecast for the weekend so I think I'll just hermit myself in a duvet-fort until Monday morning.

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