Saturday, 14 November 2009

Year 2 Day 45: Baa-Baa, Black Sheep...

Yeah...I got your wool! Picked up 300g of value brand black wool (courtesy Hobby-rip-you-off-craft in Wolverhampton) to start on Matt's scarf for work. He's outside a lot in the elements and it would be a great relief to him if he didn't have to freeze completely, so I'm finally getting started.

A special shout-out/thank you to Christine who was able to guide me via text message on how much I would need.

I was there just before closing but managed to find what I needed pretty quickly. Then, remembering I needed a photo for today, I quickly whipped open the G1 to snap a pic right when a store associate came around to ask if I needed help with anything, as they were about to close. I assured her I was fine, but when she didn't move and continued to glare at me, I couldn't help feeling unnecessarily dodgy taking a photo of the knitting wall.

I'm sure as soon as she heard my American accent it all became clear that I just wasn't right anyway.

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