Monday, 9 November 2009

Year 2 Day 40: En Español, Por Favor

Yo Enseño Bien. At least that's the message I received from the Year 5/6 combination supply post I had today in Tipton. It's a good thing I remembered some of the 3 years of high school Spanish. My most vivid memories in that class actually involved sitting around with my friends trying to come up with ridiculously childish phrases, including but not limited to inappropriate words -- something that later couldn't be as easily repeated when I took Latin (not as much vernacular fun). Still though, who didn't do that in their foreign languages class?

Admittedly the day did not start out too fantastic when the S(h)atNav directed me to a street on which the school was absolutely NOT located. I kept hearing "destination to the right" and it was nowhere to be found. My agency gave me the direct number to the school and it took nearly 25 minutes to get an answer so I could find out they were literally less than a quarter mile further down the main road.

Once I was signed in for the day and shown where the classroom was, it was smooth sailing for the rest of my assignment. The kids were fairly pleasant and even quite entertaining at times. I had them nearly convinced at one point that I wasn't actually pregnant and just liked to eat pork pies. This was jokingly of course after one of the girls came in from morning break with a concern that rumours were being spread about me. The look on her face was priceless when I explained those 'rumours' were true. They eventually dropped the subject by mid-day and moved on to more pressing matters like asking me to 'say things in American' like a performing seal.

Oh! And get this! The students get daily massages! Can you believe it?! A teacher comes in after morning break and leads them with their partners to give one another a 10-minute back massage.

Where was this when I was in school?! Pampered much?!

So yeah, good day...and now I'm home...en mi casa.

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Valerie said...

"Say things in American" LOVE IT!