Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Year 2 Day 35: Flattery...

...will get you...everywhere. This was the impression I made within 10 minutes of today's art lesson with a Year 5 class when I told them if they were finished with their self-portraits they had started previously, they were welcome to sit where they pleased and work on a free art activity of their choice. The funny thing is, the kids think it was purely because they begged for it. To be honest, however, there wasn't anything to do otherwise in the lesson plan and since most children were finished with their work, I thought this would give them an opportunity to show their self-control. But as you see, I, 'Mrs. Bennit' according to this young man, am 'the best' after all. I'd like to think he's just accurate at reading a person's character. I mean, do alright I guess.

I was called just before 8am to supply again at a school I had been to previously in Droitwich. This meant navigating the M5 once again -- and boy does the journey go much faster when you know which lane NOT to drive in! The traffic getting to the motorway was awful...somewhere near 45 minutes just to get through gridlock in Stourbridge alone. Once I was near Bromsgrove it was smooth sailing the rest of the way -- my kind of trip!

I can't say enough how much I enjoy that school, and it's only my second time working there. The kids are amazingly well-behaved and the staff are very friendly. It really makes for an easy-going day to the point where I don't mind doing the marking for the teacher and leaving a note about how smoothly lessons flowed. Even as I sit here typing my blog, where I would typically feel quite winded after a day in a school in Birmingham, I still feel moderately full of energy. I attribute a large part of this to how stress-free the day went.

It was starting to get a bit dark by the time I left, and still up in the air if they would need cover for tomorrow as well -- so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a call tonight, if possible. I also managed to get back in time to pick Matt up from where a friend at work had dropped him off to walk the rest of the way he didn't have to go far.

OH! And speaking of my lovey...the car was better. It didn't overheat and the fan kicked in right when it was supposed to. Go lovey for your auto-mechanic geniusness!! He got a high-five on the way home for that.

So American!!

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