Thursday, 19 November 2009

Year 2 Day 50: Puppy Power...Nap?

Meet Lyndsey's new, 7-week-old toy poodle, Olly. Em and I went for a visit tonight and had the pleasure of meeting this curly cutie. As you can see he was very worn out after a bit and proceeded to pass out next to me at one point. Naturally, what does a tiny-animal lover do when a baby animal falls into a dead sleep next to her? If you guessed 'see how pose-able he is without waking him' then DING DING DING! You're correct -- hence the strategically-placed remote control!

Mainly the remote was there to show (to scale) just how tiny this little guy was. I should have used the Sky remote for continuity, but as you can see he's really not much bigger. He was absolutely adorable though...even if he did try to have relations with my bag. Naughty, Olly!

Had my 37-week appointment with the midwife today. Bunny should be roughly between 7.5 and 7.75 pounds by now according to my bump. I'm not sure how accurate it all is though since he favours my right side and proceeded to sleep through it all (no surprise there). Heart-rate is good though and he is 3/5 engaged which means he is starting to drop...and that equals sweet relief on my lungs! Go baby, go! Appointments will now accelerate to weekly visits until his arrival. Just roughly 3 weeks to go!


Smocha said...

awwwww how cute:)

You must be getting so excited now. 3 weeks is pretty quick.

Christine said...

I am in love with that dog!!! :)