Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Y4 - 271/365: Once Upon a Time...

The longer this little curl grows, the more grown up he is becoming! In fact, just yesterday on his own accord he called me 'Mommy' instead of the usual 'Mama.' I like the way both of them sound, especially the way he drags out the end on "Mommeeeeeeeee." But it also makes me realise how less and less of a baby/toddler he is. You're told these moments don't last forever and they grow up so quickly, but it's not until the change is upon you that you start to wish back or want to hang onto the bits of them from before the change.

Another big change is reading. He has always loved books and he loves to be read to. He sometimes will tell us he is going to read to us and he recites familiar bits to stories or simply tells us what is going on in the pictures. But today he picked up one of his mini-books and opened to the first page before saying, "One-pon-tieee..." (which is clearly his version of "Once Upon a Time").

To say I had a proud-Mommy moment would be an understatement. He has really come on leaps and bounds with his speech and even now, some words that he would previously leave the endings off of he will now at least make an attempt to say.

I never honestly imagined one tiny person could bring me the joy and happiness he does and it truly affirms that being a Mommy is by far the best "job" or role I have ever had. Ever.

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