Thursday, 7 June 2012

Y4 - 251/365: The Pig Stands Alone

She looked good from afar, but as soon as Ryan got close to Peppa he just wasn't having it. She was far too big for his liking -- even taller than Daddy, so understandible that he would be a bit hesitant to warm to her. But it looks like today the pig stands alone because I didn't get even just one photo of Ryan with Peppa.

Perhaps another day?

After the very brief visit with Peppa we stopped at Scallywags in Merry Hill to allow the kids a chance to run around so we adults, more specifically Matt, could sit and relax. Amy was all smiles on the little train ride (that Ryan jumped off of as soon as I put money into it).

Matt and I were told off by staff because we were eating our Greggs sandwiches (and no outside food is allowed...even though they have a very limited/overpriced menu). They weren't even polite about it, they just snapped that we needed to stop eating and put it away.

Later, Daz was up in the structure because Amy had gotten a bit upset about how to get around, and the staff member scolded him because adults are apparently not allowed to join in despite there not being any signs. He explained his child was upset and she backed off a bit, but still, nothing in the facility clearly indicates this.

When we left I decided to approach the staff member at the front desk and point out that the lack of sign is misleading to parents. She argued that it's in the terms and conditions. I then pointed out the terms and conditions aren't posted anywhere inside the facility and that perhaps a sign at the entrance to the structure might make the rule a bit more clear. She then retorts that "people don't read the signs anyway because they still eat outside food." She also said it is something that is mentioned when people enter. Funny...we weren't told this as we went in, nor was I told when I went a month or so ago with Erin and her son. I told her this as well and she really didn't have a response.

I don't think, especially after her snotty little attitude, that I will be returning to this facility anytime in the near future. A little respect towards customers goes a long way...little unprofessional, condescending cow. I'm still tempted to write a letter to their corporate office and suggest they train their little teens in customer service.

In the end, I suppose we got a photo of Ryan with Peppa...even if it was the one on the sign.

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