Saturday, 16 June 2012

Y4 - 260/365: A Boy and His Bear

Ryan has a teddy that was given to him by his Great Aunt Margaret & Uncle Eric from Bolton. This has been the teddy that he has consistently taken a liking to and Teddy goes everywhere and does everything with him. Whenever he has a new discovery, he can't wait to "show Teddy." When it is time for bed or time to go somewhere in the car...he must grab Teddy to tag along. If he forgets Teddy upstairs on a morning, he will actually call up to him, "Teddyyyyyy..." from the bottom stair gate!

It's sweet, really.

With Teddy being such a good mate to Ryan, this also means he is well-loved and already a bit worn in places. One place in particular is the stitching in his mouth. There is a piece of string/wool that has come loose from his mouth and while I very nearly trimmed it off, I have since decided to leave it. I do this because I noticed how Ryan, when he's distracted, nervous, or falling asleep...he plays with this string. It's almost like a security blanket. My older brother, Aaron, did something similar with those fleecy blankets that had the silky trim. He would rub the trim so much that the material would weaken and it would start to break down or get holes.

If this is just a nervous habit on Ryan's part, I don't want to take away from him something so tiny that offers him a bit of comfort when he needs it.

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