Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Y4 - 256/365: Toot Toot Toot With Tidlo by John Crane

A few days ago I came across a blog that mentioned that a company called John Crane Toys was giving away free Tidlo recorders while the supplies last. I did the few required steps and thought nothing more about it as I didn't even know if there were recorders left. (Message me here or via Facebook to find out how you can get one too...I believe this is open to UK residents only.)

Low and behold, Matt rang me at dinnertime to inform me that the recorder arrived in the post today! He waited until I was home to open it and we decided to give Ryan a go.

I was worried he would do what he did with his plastic flute (which didn't last a day) and "toot" with his voice rather than blow, but instead he actually managed to blow! He hasn't quite gotten that he doesn't have to snog it although he improved a bit when I told him to make "kissy face" instead. He even let me take some video footage...

After this, he then personally requested I "sing the Thomas song" so he could provide some melodic accompaniment and choreography.

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