Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Y4 - 257/365: Time After Time

Matt is due to return to work next week and he was sharing with me tonight that although he hasn't been able to move much off the sofa to play each and every time with Ryan (due to his bad back), he has felt a lot closer with him during these past 5 weeks that he's been off. For once since Ryan was just a newborn, Matt has been an intregal part of Ryan's daily life (purely because of the extra time off he has had) and Ryan has grown so much to depend on Matt that he will now openly get a bit sad when Daddy leaves the room or goes outside. He and Daddy have had a couple "special" trips to the shop on their own to pick up the odd jug of milk or loaf of bread, he's had a companion who historically loves cartoons just as much as him and now they share yet one more thing...

...and that is...

...their sense of humour and fondness of Pepperami adverts! Just look at em both giggling away!!

Ryan's also had the bonus of having lots of Daddy along with Mommy together to play catch (or Ryan-in-the-middle) with, and likewise we have had lots of Ryan-time. Anyone who has met our lad can tell you how they would feel lucky to have a little extra Ryan-time!!

The kid's a hoot!

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