Monday, 4 June 2012

Y4 - 248/365: One Step Closer

Ryan woke up this morning eager to have a go wearing pants again. It has been mentioned before that his "reward" for doing a poo in the potty is that he gets to wear his pants with Thomas, Percy and I'm more than happy to accomodate when he shows an interest.

He started off doing two wees all on his own and then shortly after the second wee I could hear lots of "popping" coming from his bum. I asked if he needed to poo and he said "no" but then when he appeared frozen I knew he had already started. I quickly grabbed the potty and put it under him so he could finish and while he didn't do it all on his own, he could see it in the potty and see that Mommy was very then he was very happy and clapped and cheered for himself!

I decided he'd get a nappy again before his nap, but I feel it was a pretty good start and perhaps a step closer to being nappy-free!!

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