Saturday, 2 June 2012

Y4 - 246/365: Sweet Dreams!

Look what arrived today!! FINALLY! Our new bed and frame from Dreams...hopefully to give some back pain relief to Matt and allow us both some sweet dreams by not rolling into one another like we did on the old, knackered mattress.

I cleared space in the room this morning so Matt could carry on sleeping downstairs without Ryan to jump all over him. Then he came up and we vaccumed and moved the old bed to one side of the room. We even struck a deal with the delivery men to get rid of our old bed and base for half the price it would have cost us to arrange it at the store.

As soon as the sheets were all dry we got the pillows in their cases and dressed the bed. It was so hard to not curl up under the duvet right then and fact, Matt and Ryan did.

I'm so pleased as this is the first time I have owned a brand new bed of my very own in my entire adult life. Before it was my Mom's old bed and then a blow up, mattress. I finally feel like a proper grown up and hopefully we can begin to properly decorate the bedroom with matching furniture as well.

I snapped this photo later on my phone when Ryan was playing 'Fruit Slice' on Daddy's phone. He loves this game and loves to shout, "I win!"

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