Thursday, 31 March 2011

Y3 - 182/365: Blooming All Around

We had many days of sun last week, then quite a few rainy days this week and although today is a bit overcast so far, I can see the blooms starting to pop up out of nowhere on the Damson tree and the green leaves are really sprouting on the apple trees. In the next week or so the Damson tree will be full of beautiful white flowers and things will finally start to look alive again. I can't wait.

And speaking of sprouting...someone has some more teeth so very close to sprouting. He only has six so far and by this age I'm sure his cousin had at least double that amount! He's been chewing on his fingers like mad and I've noticed a new sensation when breast-feeding in the morning and before bed.

In his 'First Year' baby book there is a space to jot down how he has coped with teething and I have left it blank so far, thinking that he might be able to handle it better as he got older, however that doesn't seem to be the case.

It hurts and he knows it hurts and he wants ALL of Britain to know...IT HURTS! Poor little mite. This is one of those things, and I think other mommies will agree, that we wish we could take the pain away for them.

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