Monday, 28 March 2011

Y3 - 179/365: All You Need is Love

A "quick" trip to Tesco tonight to get some more 12-18 month vests for Ryan turned out to be not so quick in the long run. We found the vests, although not plain white, short-sleeved ones like I was looking for...but along with that we found a pack of socks as well as a much-needed tub of magnetic letters.


With this being their only time together tonight, Ryan and Daddy played with the letters for a bit while I got Ryan's dinner ready so we could get him off to bed. When I returned to the room I signed "eat" to Ryan and he signed it back and came running over to me where I sat near his Bumbo. He went to turn around to sit in his seat, except his foot must have caught the other foot and he tumbled forward, his right eye narrowly missing the corner of one of the coffee tables!

Thankfully, he only suffered a small scratch, but Daddy and I still felt awful that he had yet another little injury to his perfect, porcelain cheek. He did whinge a bit, but the promise of yogurt quickly took his mind of of it!

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