Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Y3 - 167/365: Out of Nowhere!

I had to cheat today and take a photo that Matt had taken (off his phone) for the day as I had received some shocking news this afternoon and it completely threw me for a loop...enough that I forgot to even take a photo.

After the drama-filled morning yesterday, I thought things were on the up and up with my class, but then I received a bit of a low-blow this afternoon on my way home.

First, I'll point out that our activities held so much excitement today that one of my boys came up to me at lunch time and begged to have permission to carry on with his literacy work where they were profiling characters for their play scripts. He told me it's the first time ever he has wanted to miss afternoon play to voluntarily come in and do work!

As a teacher, that made me feel so good inside and I'm sure many other teachers can relate.

However, on the train ride home...somewhere between The Hawthorns and Rowley Regis my phone rang and I answered. It was one of the consultants at my supply agency and she was telling me that my position at my school, that was supposed to run until Easter, was being cut short two weeks after a phone-call they received today from the school. The school  asked my agency that my last day be this Friday because they felt the class was "just too much" for me and that they felt I had "little knowledge of the UK curriculum" based on what little work was done in their books.

Never mind the fact that NOTHING was said to me that day at the school!

How DARE they go behind my back with such an untrue accusation. Not to mention without trying to clarify with me first WHY so little work was in their books -- because I was having to deal with the childrens' awful behaviour and the school's inconsistent and ineffective behaviour plan. They wouldn't settle long enough to get through lessons properly and not having a T.A. in the afternoons didn't help.

I'm supposed to speak with my agency yet again to find out what needs to happen to get me back onto the books ASAP for work, but as soon as I got home and after venting on the phone with Matt, I rang around to a couple more supply agencies in case whatever was said to my current agency has ruined my chance for any work in the future.

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