Saturday, 19 March 2011

Y3 - 170/365: Little Explorer

It has been pretty sunshiny the past few days so this morning I took advantage of that before Matt was up and Ryan and I went on a little explore of our garden. We were also testing out Ryan's new bumblebee rucksack, which doubles as a set of reins.

He really enjoyed the daffodils that have sprung up already. In fact, he was enjoying them so much that he wanted to see how they tasted!

Up on the patio, Ryan found a task to keep him busy -- sorting out the slate stones. He'd pick a few up, examine them, and then throw them into different piles on the patio. I'm not sure exactly what categories he was sorting them into, but he would clap for himself after dropping each lot.

When we got to Em & Daz's later in the afternoon, Em invited me to join her at Mecca Bingo. Of course, Matt wasn't against me trying to win a bit of money and Daz even instructed Em that if I won, she was to rob me.

Too bad for both of us...I didn't win. But still had a good time, nonetheless. And let me just say that British Bingo is TOTALLY different to American Bingo.

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