Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Y3 - 181/365: The Burbs

A little jaunt around the garden tonight revealed a few things (after Ryan applauded his Daddy's exit from the house on his way down to join us). The first was that our neighbours on the end have apparently moved as all the curtains are wide open on the property and you can no longer see pictures up on the walls.

Hmm, that was quick.

Probably for the best though since two of the teenage kids living with her were down in the lower garden earlier last week being destructive. They were forever moving the garden waste bins to represent goal-posts and even found a pile of scrap wood that they proceeded to chuck over the back fence and into the park.

Between the way they left their own garden (naked palm trees and unkept flower beds) and our other neighbour in the middle section who has neglected to clean up anything since last summer (as evidenced by the bins and bags of waterlogged, rotting apples and weathered pyrotechnics)'s beginning to look like scenes from The Burbs.

The second thing that was discovered was a bit of vandalism. Last night Matt was out back and heard some kids from down in the park. He said he could hear snapping wood and the kids saying something about "finding a new hide-out." Low and behold, the hideout was our garden as they had managed to kick in an entire section of fencing panels in to allow enough room for people to squeeze through...even past the barbed-wire.

Needless to say we'll be ringing the letting agent in the morning to let them know about this so we can aim to get it repaired ASAP.

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