Thursday, 24 March 2011

Y3 - 175/365: Sunshine Again?! I'll Take it!

Today was so refreshing compared to my stressful daily routine the previous 3 weeks. I was assigned to Reception, Year 1, and Nursery and despite this school being located not three quarters of a mile from where I used to be, the children, in Key Stage 1 at least, are so much easier to deal with. I was even gifted a beautiful dandelion at lunchtime.

In Nursery the children participated in a focus group working with cornflour and water. What a brilliant activity -- even I had no idea it would be so interesting. It gives resistance when you try to push it, acting like a solid, but then it will just dribble off your fingers and act like a liquid at the same time. I can't wait to try this with Ryan!

My day got even better when I arrived at the train station at 10 past four, thinking I was 5 minutes late for the 4:05 train, only to learn it was delayed and was only arriving in two minutes! This meant I was able to get home to Rowley almost 40 minutes sooner, grab something for tea at the Tesco Express, and arrive back to the cottage with plenty of time to change clothes and throw a load in the wash, throw another load in the dryer, get tea in the oven, and head outside to take some photos of the freshly budding garden before Matt arrived home.

Feeling great now knowing neither of us are working tomorrow, so the plan at the moment is to take little man back to Haden Hill Park so he can show Daddy what all the fuss is about!

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