Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Y3 - 173/365: Making the Most of It

Having this extra, unplanned, time at home with little man makes me want to make the most of it since I don't know how soon I'll have a placement back in a school again. I signed up with a second supply agency yesterday in hopes that with two I will have more luck getting some work. This second agency also pays about £10 more a day, so well-worth it.

Ryan had not one, but TWO trips out to the garden today for some exploring! He's getting so good now at walking on grass and can even manage a slight incline (walking uphill more so than down). He had a blast though picking up sticks and poking things and then picking up stones and throwing them. In general, just being a typical boy.

Not long now until many things start to bloom so it will be nice for Matt and I to be able to have Ryan in the garden with us while we're working on keeping it up.

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