Thursday, 17 March 2011

Y3 - 168/365: What a Slap in the Face!

I got mine yesterday...and it looks as though Matt has gotten (or is about to get) his today. I only wish mine was just as playful.

Thanks to my persistence, for the first time since the children started in Year 4 this year, their interactive whiteboard is finally interactive. I hounded the technician a bit until he came to my room today to fix it.

Makes me a bit grumpy that I've put in all this effort only to basically feel like I'm not good enough or strong enough to continue on with the class. It's left me feeling quite blue for the day and it hasn't helped that the T.A. across the hall hasn't been around as she's the one person who can relate.

Part of me feels really guilty for my crap attitude now. I'm feeling like I shouldn't really make any effort and just show up and get paid, but I know I won't really follow through. There are so many people who are going through so much more than me and it's unfair for me to be so whingy when some of these people have very little or little to nothing.

Ugh...please let us all wake up from this bad dream!

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Christina said...

A lurker(ish - I've commented a few times - Ohioan in Soihull, christinajg AT gmail DOT com).

A big thpbbbbt to the school officials. They are full of lame. Even if they have a grand new idea, they could have done a much better job communicating and soliciting advice than they did!

Just wanted to pop in and show some solidarity. Hopefully the worst case (for you) is that you get a bit more time with your little guy in time for planting season! As for the classroom full of kids, I hope the school figures out something fast, as the clock continues to tick for them, I'm afraid!

(Also, PS, we got the same car seat and continue to love it, although we had to updgrade 7 months ago... when the dude was 6 months old! I'm not sure we knew (know?) about the foldable leg... Hrmmm!!!)