Saturday, 26 March 2011

Y3 - 177/365: New Toys!

So, after the exciting visits to Haden Hill Park and making use of the slide there numerous times, Matt went out last night to Toys 'R Us and bought Ryan his very own slide! To say it was an absolute hit would be an understatement because he was in LOVE!

Both last night and today he couldn't get enough and he's so proud of himself after he climbs the steps and gets seated at the top. Then he takes his time deciding when would be the best moment to let loose and glide on down...and glide he does with a squeal of delight!

For only £24.99 it can't be beat really.

Later this afternoon at the Great Bridge Asda-Walmart Supercentre we picked up a set of racing cars for £4.50. It wasn't until we brought them home and had them out of the package that Matt discovered their level of awesomeness exponentially increase as you could manually "rev-up" the wheels and let them speed across the floor. So, after the slide was put away, Ryan and Daddy spent the rest of their night together playing racing cars.

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