Friday, 1 April 2011

Y3 - 183/365: Gok! Dock! Ock!

First and foremost, let me make the important announcement that we have discovered a very sneaky toothy peg number SEVEN!! We were playing a fun game of "Shh...Ryan, that's too loud" when he held my own "Shh" finger up to his mouth and took a cheeky nibble...THAT'S when I felt it!

I have a feeling this buddy has been around a good week or so, but the past couple of nights Ryan has woken up screaming, and before we get the chance to go in to soothe him, he's back to sleep...but I suspect this may have been our culprit. Well, this one, or the other 2-3 that look close to breaking skin as well.

It's odd, too, because it appears to be one of his bottom molars (could explain the night wakings), which means there is space for two more teeth between it and the front two central incisors. I've read that the lateral incisors on the bottom are supposed to come through around 7 months, but this is yet another one of those "every baby is different" mysteries, I suppose.

In other Ryan-related news...we have a new word! He's trying to say "sock" but it has been coming out as either 'gok,' 'dock,' or just plain 'ock.' This is after having purchased a new set of brightly-patterned socks this week. As soon as they go on his feet, all he wants to do is stare at them or touch them and chant 'ock' over and over.

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