Friday, 4 March 2011

Y3 - 155/365: Are We Forgetting Something?

The funniest thing happened tonight when I was getting Ryan ready for bed. He was showing signs that he was tired long before he normally does, so I followed his cues and decided to skip his bath and just get him upstairs, jammied, and fed.

Whilst changing his nappy he had a right wobbler and managed to flip onto his belly before I completed the change. Rather than fight him, I allowed him to calm down and rubbed his back until I heard the sobs fade away. Along with the sobs went his eyelids and consciousness because within 2 minutes he was fast asleep on his belly on the floor...minus his nappy!

I performed the amazing trick of getting a fresh nappy on without flipping him back, getting on his PJ bottoms, and nearly getting his whole top on before he woke again desperate for a feed.

Matt and I aren't the ONLY ones with a hard week, I suppose.

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