Friday, 25 March 2011

Y3 - 176/365: Friday at the Park

As planned, we went to Haden Hill Park as a family this afternoon and as expected, Ryan LOVED his time going up the steps and then, with some help from Daddy, down the slide! Each time he'd get to the bottom, he'd stand up and run full-Ryan-speed back to the steps to go again!

He'd get to the top and hold onto the bar above him until Matt peeled his fingers off, one-by-one, chuckling and telling our dear son that he had to let go and sit down before he could go down the slide.

Ryan would then squeal his little head off all the way down to the bottom, get off, and race back to the steps!

He ran over to the swings a couple times, but they were occupied by other children (a bit daft to only have two infant/toddler swings available in the first place, really). We told Ryan he would have to wait his turn and Daddy even tried to placate him with a ride on his lap from the big swing, but no dice, it worked a whole 30 seconds and then he wasn't having it.

Since we had taken our walk by the lower pool when we first arrived, this playground was the last stop before heading to the car and then back home...

...well, almost the last stop. While Daddy took a brief smoke break, Ryan and I walked across the car-park to the upper pool to say goodbye to the ducks. Ryan felt his goodbye would be more effective if he could get a closer look at his feathered friends.

Once we got home, the fun didn't stop there, because Daddy popped back out to get a surprise for Ryan. You'll have to check back tomorrow to see what it was though!

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