Thursday, 27 May 2010

Year 2 Day 239: I'm Ready For My Closeup

Each month, somewhere around the 19th -- or as close as possible -- I take a photograph of Ryan next to a sign indicating how many months old he is at the time. It began with pictures on the settee next to Myst, to show how much he has grown and changed from the last photo, and it has evolved into an elaborate, staged session where I try to provide a newer, season-appropriate outfit and plop him upright in his Bumbo.

I always try to use a toy of some sort to entice a little grin out of him and that usually works...

But more recently the more effective smile-grabber is Daddy! And Daddy was so patient with Mommy barking at him to "hold Yojojo this way" and "try pinching his cheeks" or "jump up and down and smile" and then for me to go on to say "do it again...again...again....wait......again."

The lengths we go through for me to get a "good" smiley, monthly photo from our son.

I love watching the interactions now between the two people I love most. Now that Ryan is more interactive -- grabbing at our fingers and touching our faces -- it is so much fun to just watch the two of them together! I even overheard giggling from the front room one day to find Ryan on his play mat with Matt bent over and crouched underneath (as if he were in a game of Twister) blowing raspberries and tickling his sides.

It makes me so happy to know Ryan will have a good male role model in his life -- someone so honest, sensitive, and caring to look up to.

And someone who will always make him smile!

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