Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Year 2 Day 231: And On Tonight's Menu...

Carrots and baked potato...plain. Ryan is having his first try at solids tonight. We boiled some carrot sticks and scooped out some of our baked potato for him to experiment with as part of the Baby-Led Weaning that we're going to try. The baked potato was definitely a hit, although not so easy to pick up so maybe we'll wait and try it again when his pincer grasp is more accurate.

He did like the carrots as well and even managed to gum off some chunks and swallow. We think next time we will try them as a roast so they are easier to handle.

It was all so much fun to watch. I made sure to nurse him well before our tea so we were sure he wasn't hungry, but in future we will try to do it all a bit earlier in the evening so he can have a bath after and get sorted for bed.

Now, who's gonna clean up this mess on the dining room floor?!

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