Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Year 2 Day 237: Got The Munchies?

Today isn't the first day Ryan has tried cucumber, but I have found it to be quite helpful and soothing during this difficult time with teething. It works wonders between doses of Calpol and he seems to really enjoy sucking and slurping on the sticks. I made certain to scrape away the seeds today so he doesn't get all bloated with wind.

In other news...this is my first blog post that has been done on time in roughly a fortnight again. Our Internet came on shortly after 1pm today so we finally have proper services again! Perfect timing as I just received a text last night that I have exceeded the Fair Use policy on my mobile and now I'm restricted on peak-time use from my phone. Oh well, no worries.

At least now I can catch up on my US shows like Grey's Anatomy! Woohoo!


Natalie said...

OH my god. Grey's Anatomy. Finale was INCREDIBLE!!!

Cassie said...

Ditto the comment re: Grey's Finale! You must catch up!

Meg said...

I just watched 'Suicide is Painless' last night. But I have to save the rest for when Ryan is in bed because otherwise I can't hear him bellow from upstairs with my headphones on.