Sunday, 9 May 2010

Year 2 Day 221: Mother's Day (USA)

It's Mother's Day in America, but England celebrates it in March (not sure why they're celebrated on different days). Our busy day began with Ryan filling his fresh nappy less than 3 minutes from when I had JUST changed it.(Happy Mother's Day?) I came back from the trip to the bin to Ryan grinning at Matt, grunting, and a squelchy sound below. I swear he totally knows what he's doing! Of course he gives me this look...

"What Mom?"

Like any other Sunday, we got the car packed up, baby included, and off we went to Em & Daz's for tea. Ryan spent time in his Bumbo inside his cousin's ball pit and napped in his car seat while we ate. Then it was off to Nan & Grandad's.

Of course this is when Ryan has to show off his bouncing skills to everyone, courtesy of all his air-time in the jumperoo.

Now we're back at the cottage and Ryan has been asleep since we left. To be fair, he napped very little today. In fact, I remember 2 months ago when he would barely stay awake two straight hours. It all changes the older they get...but I wouldn't change it for anything.

I may have celebrated my Mother's Day with the rest of the UK in March, but I still feel as special every day to have such a great little boy!

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